The Archdruid is dead!
You must now explore and re-settle this wild and magic-scarred world.

Other Settings that use the Fragged Rule System

Fragged Empire

Fragged Empire

A rag tag band of misfits explore a  post-post-apocalyptic science fiction universe.

Fragged Kingdom


A gothic soulsborne styled game, where the immortal PCs fight Fiends in the endless city of Aeternum.

Fragged Seas

Fragged Seas

An eldritch gods and pirate themed game, where the PCs  play as pirates in the cursed world of Toil.


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  • Fragged System Core Rules. 
  • GM Guide.
  • Opponents to Fight.
  • xf5旋风加速器

    $70 aud
  • A setting and rule adaption for the Fragged Empire CRB.
  • 164 Pages.
  • Premium Quality.
  • Full Kingdom Setting Guide.
  • GM Guide.
  • Opponents to Fight.
  • xf5旋风加速器

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  • (I hope to have this adventure
    ready in 2020).
  • xf5旋风加速器

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    Nature vs Civilisation

    Civilisation has always struggled to find a balance with the natural world. On the world of Akharon, nature has fought back and reclaimed the planet for itself in a great Druidic War. Now, civilisation has found a foothold once again, and the people of great city, Stronghold, can begin to reclaim their world. In order for civilisation to grow, the wilds must be tamed. This is a dangerous task, for no one knows what horrors lurk in the dark forests outside the safe walls of the worlds last great city.  

    Fragged Empire Universe

    Fragged Kingdom is set many thousands of years into the uncertain future of Fragged Empire universe on an obscure planet known as Akharon. As the residents of this world technologically regressed they mythologised ancient figures, groups, events, and advanced technologies.
    To gain a deeper understanding of the ancient histories and true natures of the races, magics and stories within this book we highly recommend you read the various Fragged Empire books.

    Magic is Advanced Technology

    Unbeknown to most of the people on Akharon, what most people see as magic is actually repurposed advanced technology from a long-forgotten age. This is especially true when it comes to Alchemy & and Druidic magic, the two most commonly practiced arcane arts.


    The world is not what it once was. The druids have altered the flora and fauna of Akharon and planted new wildlands where once-great cities stood. The world outside of Stronghold’s walls is dangerous, but there are bountiful treasures hidden in these wilds. Ancient temples and fortresses that remain un-plundered, magic items hidden in exotic locations, and new resources that can be used to relieve the pressure on the citizens of Stronghold. In order for civilisation to survive, the wilds must be explored and conquered once again.


    Requires the CRB

    Fragged Kingdom requires the Fragged Empire Core Rule Book to play. Fragged Kingdom makes use of a new Momentum based Combat system, crafting, base building, mass combat, and many other changes.  

    3d6 Resolution System

    Skill rolls are done with a simple 3d6 +/- bonus or penalty vs a difficulty value or target's defence.

    Rolling a '6' (known as a Strong Hit) will result in additional special effects. 

    Holdings & NationS

    Players are able to establish towns, cities, castles and fortresses! These Holdings will produce unique Trade Goods that may be used to expand the Holding or to build personal Buildings for the players.  


    Nonlinear Progression

    Characters have a pool of options available to them, with no set ability or equipment progression path. This allows for characters to quickly specialise or diversify and to create unique combinations of Abilities and Equipment.

    Spare Time & Vocations

    How characters spend their spare time, and their vocational choices are defining aspects for each Fragged character.

      Are they a gunsmith who likes to modify and trick out their latest toy? A savy business woman who likes to buy and sell trade goods? Or an ambitious researcher dedicating themselves to the next breakthrough.

    Best for Long Campaigns

    Fragged games can be used to play short games, but they're at their best when used for long campaigns where players will have to balance short-term and long-term goals.


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