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  • Why ICS?

    SANS has joined forces with industry leaders and experts to strengthen the cybersecurity of Industrial Control Systems (ICS). The initiative is equipping security professionals and control system engineers with the security awareness, work-specific knowledge, and hands-on technical skills they need to secure automation and control system technology.


    The GICSP focuses on the knowledge of securing critical infrastructure assets. The GICSP bridges together IT, engineering and cyber security to achieve security for industrial control systems from design through retirement. Read More

    Course Overview

    The ICS curricula provides hands-on training courses focused on Attacking and Defending ICS environments. These courses equip both security professionals and control system engineers with the knowledge and skills they need to safeguard our critical infrastructures. Read More

    Why Is the ICS Initiative Important?
  • Tremendous gains are being achieved in industrial applications by sharing and analyzing data, but we need professionals who can address the security challenges.
  • Preparation is critical because ICS incidents are occurring with increasing frequency and damaging systems.
  • Control systems are widely deployed and need your attention - there is no such thing as a system that is too small.
  • Up-to-date ICS knowledge and security skills can help keep our critical systems safe.
  • Shared learning translates into results - effective security requires the integration of cybersecurity professionals, ICS support staff, and engineers.

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