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    Many musicians exist all over the world. They are all talented. Some of them are very talented in singing while others amaze us with their talent in playing musical instruments such as the piano, violin, guitar, flute, saxophone, and other musical instruments. Among the musicians that amaze the world, there is a sound artist from Tokyo, Japan who started his music career in field recording. He began recording around the year of 2007. Then, he also tried to record in various places all throughout Japan.

    He is very active in it and shows his passion in music. He even released many of his recorded music from labels around the world. It was something every musician wanted to achieve. Some beginners who enter music as their career are to face difficulties before finally becoming successful. As for Hiroki Sasajima, he continued to achieve his dream even to this very day. He is indeed an inspiration to many. His focus is on fine sounds that made him one of the amazing artists today.

    Japan is a country known for many amazing things. There are many famous Japanese musicians who had fans from many countries around the world. And as for Hiroki Sasajima, he is continually giving inspiration and motivation to all beginners or amateur musicians who are trying to achieve their dreams. Many listeners are continually opening their ears to his music and are moved by it. His music is continually being released. He caught the attention of many listeners and had a title of “Sound Sculptor” as people recognize his music style.

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