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    New enrollment requirements are in place for international students.

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    August 8-16 is the inaugural Week of Welcome where first-year students can explore and connect to their new campus home despite the unprecedented circumstances.  

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    The Campus Recreation Center (CRC) has been closed for nearly three months now, but that hasn't stopped the staff from creating virtual content to keep the Georgia Tech community connected.

  • Upcoming Events

  • Aug 22


    Special Sting Break tickets for 2020 Graduates!

  • BuzzFunds

    The purpose of BuzzFunds is to develop student leaders and encourage student involvement in the Georgia Tech community

    Student Spotlight

    Campus Services began Fall Semester 2014 recognizing its student employees who perform above and beyond the normal employee by awarding Student Employee Spotlights.


    Campus Services is looking for a few good students to participate in Conversations with Campus Services (formerly called Leader 2 Leader)  luncheon meetings.